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This is set around the time of the Chuunin Exams. Be canon or custom
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 Inuzuka Metsuki

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PostSubject: Inuzuka Metsuki    Inuzuka Metsuki  EmptyFri Jul 09, 2010 5:06 pm

Name: Metsuki Inuzuka

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Village: Konoha

Rank: Chuunin

Looks: Metsuki is of average height for her age, but thin. Not rakishly thin, but underdeveloped and skinny rather than slender, though she moves with a natural grace. She has long black hair that looks like she hasn't cut it for the last few years - it hangs down to her waist and is messy, having grown out of the style it had been cut long ago. Her eyes are green, though when she's panicked they sometimes seem to acquire a golden tinge, though it disappears almost instantly. She has sharp canines, as does any Inuzuka, but hers are a bit more pronounced, and look like they could do some damage. She has the two red cheek markings that show her clan.

Personality: Metsuki is... unstable. Though she isn't one to go crazy and try to kill people - in fact, the very opposite, bright and trusting to nearly everyone - she has a few oddities that ensure that she never is completely in control of her emotions and actions. Her personality would befit a happy child, if not for the fact that she often acts more canine than human, mimicking the sounds that a dog or wolf might make.

Cursed with severe claustrophobia, enclosed spaces and crowds - anything that makes her feel trapped - prompts her to go into a frenzy trying to escape, and she could easily hurt someone without realizing it at this time. She is more comfortable outside than inside a building, even her own house. Despite her innocent demeanour, she is perfectly capable of killing in cold blood, but will avoid fights because she doubts her own power and control. She often seems incredibly immature, both physically and emotionally, due to how easily she trusts and how easy it is for her to change moods, but that is an effect of her own canine companion's presence on her.

Clan: Inuzuka

Bio: Metsuki was born to a small branch of the Inuzuka clan, and was trained up without much being expected of her - especially in the shadow of her cousin, Kiba. At the most, they wanted her to be a tracker nin, used to hunt down rogue ninja with her keen sense of smell and with the aid of her companion.

Her own fate changed when she was given her own companion. Inuzuka typically used dogs, though some had wolves as well - but wolfdogs were nervous and unpredictable as a whole, and there had never been an Inuzuka clanmember with a half-wolf as their companion. Perhaps it had been fate, or a god pulling on a string - but one of the puppies the Inuzuka raised turned out to be a wolfdog, and they didn't catch on to it until it was too late, until Metsuki was already greeting and naming her new companion. Aomidori, for the blue to green sheen on the pup's black fur.

As a genin, not much happened - she took missions with her team, trained and generally was overall, average. But during the Chuunin Exam, things... changed. The Forest of Death didn't scare her - on the contrary, it seemed an amazing, beautiful place, balanced, uncrowded except by animals. Inside, her teammates were the ones who fought, mainly - she was the one who led them unnerringly to other genin, and to the finishing point, relying on her nose and suddenly feeling more confident than she ever had before. After that, her fights were mediocre, but she was allowed to become Chuunin. That was the definitive moment. Her clan noticed that she was suddenly nervous - she would stay away from the compound, even sleep outside, for long periods of time. She wouldn't eat a lot of cooked food. She would spend time in the forest, helping Ao hunt. Her senses, enhanced by chakra as a result of her clan, suddenly became twice as sharp, with the exception of sight.

Her claustrophobia, which had been mild before, worsened until she couldn't stand the compound, and stayed outside for so long her family thought she had run away. When she came back, she was jittery, growling and refusing to talk to anyone inside the compound, growing nervous when around large groups. In the end, they let her go as she wished, provided she return and confirm that she was alright every two weeks.

Element/s: Earth, secondary wind
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I Will SHOW You...

How Far I Have Come!
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Inuzuka Metsuki
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