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PostSubject: Ryuuga Misaki Uchiha   Ryuuga Misaki Uchiha EmptySat Jul 31, 2010 7:57 am

General Information;

Alias:The Terror of Death

Appearance:He wore
a sleeveless shirt it was white with black pin stripes going down
it.Black shinobi pants with his black shinobi sandals on his feet.He
wore gloves on his arms that went all the way up to his biceps.With a
metal plate on the top of the hands.His black kimono top was dangling
from his waist with his black braided belt around his waist.His long
white hair with slightly black tips flowed down his back and whisked
about in the breeze.He had a tattoo on his chest to let him know where
his partner was at all times.On his face were tribal marking and on his
triceps were tattoos in the shape of gears.His golden eyes peirced the
dark day like a flame of hope for sailers about to pull into the dock.

is a very respectful young man,when he was younger he had multiple
personalities that used to control how he though and did everything.he
had no real mind of his own,now as for the examples of those i shall
show you.

Ryuu:Ryuu is very kind and shy and when in stressful
situations he will normally try and talk to somene about it to maybe
get some helpful insight on how to deal with it.As for how he is with
Shino-chan,he is quite affectionate with her he likes to hold hands and
sit close,nothing to vulagr in public,his mother taught him better than
that he assures you.

Haseo:Haseo is his more cool side,he is the
type you can normally find reading a book or just chilling.He is the
smoking type and not one to just go into something with guns blazing
with out knowing the whole story.He is ryuu's better judgement.Not to
mention the passionate one with Shino,which in some cases pisses ryuu
off to no end.

Zero:Zero is the hot tempered side of ryuu,and i
promise will regret the day you laid eyes on this
personality,he is rude crude and out of control.He is the type to just
want Shino for that one thing and that thing only.Which haseo and ryuu
will not stand for.

Ryuuga:This is the personality he gained
when he got them all under control.He is all of those personalities
mixed together,whith a few minor changes.He is extremely hungry
pratically all the time,enjoys napping more than fighting,is a lover a
fighter and a very social person.If he had it his way the world would
live at peace but he knows such a thing would never occur in his life
time.His since in justice is destroy those theiving cock roaches while
you have them in your grasp to make a better tomorrow for your loved
ones and friends and family.

Likes:Fire techniques,his job,being loved by a woman who loves him for himself.Smoking occasionally,drinking,playing shogie etc
Dislikes:Anything not mentioned above

Fears:Going blind

Shinobi Information;

Village:Ex leaf current mist
Weapons:Kokkoku to sugi shi[Ticking Death]



Ryuuga Misaki Uchiha MSSasuke

Special Characteristics:Fire mastery

Biographical Information;

The Birth of the Terror.

was born into the uchiha clan of the leaf village.October 10th the
beginning of the autumn festival in the great land of the leaf.He was a
rather small baby,big head though.His older brother irie's nickname for
him when they were little was of course."Big head,or bilboard brow"this
made ryuu very sinsitive of the size of his head.Upon turning the age
that he could walk,he was in training day in and day out.He showed no
potential compared to his brother at that age.Irie basically one up'd
him in everything he did,it depressed him to the point he didn't want
to be a ninja.He was ready to give up on a shinobi life at the age of
four.Its rather sad to hear from your baby boy that he doesn't want to
fallow in your foot steps.His mother took him to the side one day,after
irie had planted a fresh fist imprent on his cheek from training.His
mother proceded to wipe the blood from his lip.Drying his tears she
stumbled upon him swearing something under his breath."I will defeat
big brother one day!"He swore to himself.His mother smiled as she
thought to herself."Ah the joys of sibling rivalry."She thought back to
her and her younger sister when they were that age.Fighting over ryuu
and irie's father.Such a trivial thing that made the biggest impact on
the future.Not soon after that irie had entered the academy,leaving
ryuu to play by himself all day.It was his usual activity in those
days.Besides helping his auntie and uncle down at the store in the
village.They sold rice balls of various sizes and flavors.In those days
food was ryuu's passion.But he needed a play mate.So in his head he
made two imaginary friends that actually became more like his alter
ego's.He would play with them almost every day,besides the day he had
to go to the shop and help his auntie with the rice.Soon after that his
father approached him with a jutsu that irie had mastered in the time
period of a week.It was the uchiha's signature fireball jutsu,he wanted
to show his father he was just as good as irie,even though he was older
than he was by about a year and a few months.Ryuu fallowed his fathers
instructions to the letter and with his determination he made the same
size fireball as irie in one day,sadly he passed out soonly after,but
before he did he heard his father say something he had been waiting for
since he made him train with irie"Good job my son."This made ryuu shed
a small tear,before loosing conciousness.Two years had passed and the
day he had been awaiting had finally arived,the day he was to join the
academy.He put on his best clothes,well a black long sleeve t-shirt
with the uchiha insignia on the back and his white shorts with his
black shinobi sandals.When he was pointed to he gladly jumped out of
his seat and gave them a wide smile."Im ryuuga Uchiha! Nice to meet you
guys!"He said with a smile.

Academy Arc

Upon entering the
academy he was placed in room 1-A.First year academy studenst only,he
made friends pretty quickly,though it was mainly with the girls,the
guys didn'y like it when he would show them up so they tried to stay
away from him.Though when he would come up to them they would say hello
to him,and make small talk.When it came to sparring ryuu had confidence
but was always afraid to fight them,so when that came about zero
decided he would make himself useful to ryuu.[check personality for
further details on him.]When zero found a kid he didn't like he
practically beged ryuu for a spar with him,it was what zero lived
for.It reminded him that even though ryuu had friends he was still
needed.When zero fought,he was a demon to anyone who dared to enter the
circle.There was always that one who wanted to fight him and see if he
had what the others lacked but sadly they all fell like the rest.He was
know was the uchiha's second wind back in those days.Better than the
other,but not quite on the same level as irie.Though it didn't really
bother zero,he knew irie would get his day,but it would be at the hands
of ryuu and not hismelf.One of the kids he was rather fond of was
another uchiha,kirai uchiha to be exact he himself a sharingan user.The two had alot in common they
both had an older brother who didn't really pay much attention to
him.The closer ryuu got to him,the more jealous zero became,till one
day zero finally snapped.He grabbed kirai by the throat and began to
choke the life out of him,laughing as he did it.His sharingan finally
awoken as he made kirai take his last breath.A tamoe three sharingan
was blessed in his sight,not only did he finally get tamoe three sharingan,he could now also use MS[never did until years later of course].Sadly he took the life of another at the age
of 8.He went through depression lack of interest and not to mention
distance from anyone and everyone.Except for one special girl whom zero
and haseo found favor with.Her name Shino,age 6.Leaf academy
studen year 2 classroom 2-C
Irie's class.Yet he wondered how someone
so sweet and innocent could be that devastatingly strong.The two played
on the swings together,zero and haseo knew that ryuu seeked
companionship even at this age.He was alone,always,and it ate away at
them both.Haseo saw the kindness she showed toward ryuu,zero the fierce
will to defend her friends.The two parted ways shortly after meeting.He
would casually wave to her.One night in the uchiha main house their
father and mother called both into the main room.The had to tell the
two of their futures in this village."You will both seek the path of
vengeance..but only one of you will successfuly gain it."Their mother
rangiku walked over to ryuu."You my son have been chosen to protect the
gods,the bijuu holders,defender of mankind."She looked over to irie and
shed a tear for him.Irie's face tightened up and he scowled at
ryuu.Their father grabbed irie by the wrist his words yelled at him
could be heard all over the compound."If you dare lay a hand your
brother,or his eyes,you my son will never see the light of day
again!"Irie despsised the favor ryuu got from both parents.He was
determined to show them that the prophecy was wrong that he was the one
chosen not ryuu.Their mother and father then proceeded to explain the
history of the uchiha clan and how they came to be.After about an hour
of long discussions they both made this statement."Your destinies are
carved in stone,we have been at war with the village for a thousand
years,and they will not make us bow!My sons if anything were to happen
to us.You must be strong for the clan.As the oldest Irie you are to
lead."Their words burned in the boys head like an eternal flame.Not
soon after that day the autumn festival came around,Ryuu and irie of
course dressed in the robes of the family,they roamed the grounds of
the festival.Sadly this happy moment is not meant to last.Over the
intercom the words of sheer terror came over.Seize the traitors.Ryuu
the age of nine scared out of his mind ran looking for irie.Only to
watch his parents slain infront of the crowd.He yelled out in sheer
terror."MAMA!"He yelled as irie held him back,both boys balling as they
watched their mother and father slaughtered like animals.Zero
immideately flared up in him,He almost broke irie's arm in an attempt
to get away.Though before he could do so irie knocked him out.Ryuu
awoke to a morning of nothing but hatred as he destroyed everything in
the house.It was covered with spatters of his own blood everywhere,his
hands cut open from the force of his punches.Irie laid in his room
listening to ryuu destroy the house and cry for their mother and
father.When it had quieted down,the only room left spotless was their
parents room where ryuu was curled up and holding a picture of the
family with blood and tears running down it.Irie walked into the room
and wrapped his arms around ryuu and stroked his hair."Were going to
make it through this storm ryuu,i promise."This was the first time irie
had ever shown compassion to him.Probably the only time he ever
would.At school things were no better ryuu practically lost all of his
friends except for Shino,strangely those two had become inseperable
after the loss of his parents.Shortly after his third year in the
academy,on ryuu twelth birthday,he had,finally lost it.Zero had finally
gained the control he had longed for,he challenged every male to a
rumble after school.Shortly after school was over about 75 to 100 boys
came to the park all armed with bats and chains of a sort.He said for
them to all come at him if they wished to live.So that they did and one
by one zero beat them all to a bloody pulp,no sharingan needed.About
twenty minutes had passed since they began.All of them lay bleeding all
unconcious.He then spit on the ground and kicked one in the stomach.He
would then walk home the villagers all staring at him with hate in
their eyes.This place wasn't home,they took home from him years
ago.Though he had alot of strikes on his record thanks to that little
out burst.He was still permited to graduate from the academy.

Genin Arc:
far as he genin days are concerned,he was given probably one of the
toughest sensei's.Who was only about a year older than he was.Hiusi
Hatake,konoha's white wolf.Though he was one of the hardest senei's not
to mention the most lazy,the two bonded quite well with one
another.Through many trials and tribulations they finally made it to
the chuunin exams,sadly enough.Ryuu was not permited to participate
thanks to his parents so called treason against the village.Which no
one even dared to speak of to ryuu,for fear of dealing with zero.But
Dammit ryuu wanted answers and he was going to get them if he had to
beat them out of those whom had it.As far as he knew all records were
in the main building of the hokage mantion,and he knew exactly where to
get in with out being detected.There was a small door in the side of
the main building.Later that night he made it imparative that he had to
get in.He knocked out the guards with his sharingan.He scrolled through
countless files of paper.He finally found the ones on his parents
murder.He scrolled through it.Shocking to find that it was the hokage
himself whom delievered the order to have them killed.Feeling
threatened of their success in the village.He slammed his fist on the
ground,in anguish.This time the old man had gone to far.He dashed away
from the scene as fast as he could.The entered his home,locked the door
and threw the papers down in front of irie.Irie read them,hate in his
stare his sharingan blazing as ryuu's was.The two did not plan on
letting this slide.But He didn't know what to do,that put him in a
state of depression,which made kurai worry extrmely.He didn't come out
of his home for a month and three days,the day he did was he and
Shino's one month aniversery.Only to find that she herself was
leaving.This village was not home to her either.Though ryuu had changed
his appearance,he now possessed white hair and tattoo's on his face.
headband with a large gash in the leaf village symbol.He and Shino
walked hand in hand out of the village together never to be seperated

Wandering Arc
Through many months of running from the
leaf they finally found a home in the rain village.The two shared a
room in an appartment complex in the rain,The two would cuddle every
night and ryuu would always kiss her before he left for his
job,riceballs coincidentally.Though it was diffinently something he
enjoyed he grew bored of it quickly.On their official one year
aniversary together,he came home and she was not there.Her things gone
and a note on the door."Ryuu-kun,i love you but i have to go fullfil my
promise to my mother,i don't know how long ill be gone,but i swear i
will return to you someday."This broke ryuu into tears beyond
imagine.He then toughened up and decided he would do something he did
love,which was defeating enemies.He then leant himself out as a
mercinary.His new name was,Ryuuga "The Terror of Death"One of most
fierce mercinaries.

The Terror of Death/Epitaph arc
[b]Ryuu on his many travels came across
and old shrine it had sealed inside of it a weapon of power from what
it seemed.A scythe like no other,but he found himself un able to obtain
it.As if a barrier was placed on it.He then looked around and found
what looked like hyrogliphics.He traced his hand around it,it looked
like a puzel to him.He then decided to he would try to sort it
out.After doing so it opened a door to what looked an old device use to
get from place to place.As if it was activated by chakra.As he touched
it he was instentaniously warped into what looked like a
planitarium.But this was real,little floating white spirit type things
floated around the atmosphere of the area.He surveyed the area,it
resembled a temple,it had eight alters,all of which had a weapon and a
seal over them.He walked up to the one that housed the scythe.A guide
appeared on the altar next to him.The faceless being spoke
softly"Welcome terror of death"He said to him.He looked at him with a
familiar glance as if he had been here before.The guide looked to
him."You posses the epitaph of the terror of death,Skeith.We have
awaited your arival."Ryuu then turned to him and nodded."What do i have
to do to get the weapon?"The guide chuckled."You must become the terror
of death,and defeat the guardian of the weapon."Ryuu nodded."Open the
door to weapon."The guide did so,ryuu was then transported to a room in
the temple inhabited by the guardian of skeiths epitaph.Ryuu ran toward
the guardian,upon seeing ryuu,he let out a roar causing ryuu to be
blown back about ten feet,and slammed against the wall.Ryuu activated
his sharingan and began to run toward him.He managed to dodge the first
of the attacks.Then seeing he was swift on his feet,the guardian began
to spit fire at ryuu,this put ryuu in more danger,a small room with
smoldering flames.Not the best place to be,ryuu then quickly made hand
seals,as fire gathered around his arm in a spiral shaped dragon form
then going to his wrist to incircle and orb of pure fire in his
hand.The guardian let out another blazing fire attack which his
ryuujinsuto absorbed making it hotter then hell itself[An exageration
of course].He would then make swift dash slaming it into the chest of
the guardian litterally turning him to ash.Ryuu's arm numb and burn
from the fierce attack.He was then back in the altar room.With his
scythe in hand and the power of skeith coursing through his veins.Thus
obtaining his epitaphs weapon.
he returned to the temple where the guide had sent him from,he saw many
other epitaphs behind their weapon.With their Handlers infront of them
with their weapons.He was then welcomed by the guide who took his seat
at the altar of the prophet as he began to explain their history."Long
ago before their were bijuu and demons their were the epitaphs.Beings
that could alter the very fabric of time and space if given the
opertunity.We were a close knit team believe me.But all things must
come to an end,there was countless rebelion among the epitaphs one
hated the other,and then they finally disbanded,and then we found
you.Terror of Death,you and skeith brought them back to us,and here
they stand before you.Though it may not have been you,trust me their
were plenty of terror of deaths before you,but all died in vain none
could handle skeiths distructive power,but you are also sage of
heaven,ruler of life and death.You will lead us into a new rule,we
epitaphs and bijuu hand in hand.A new melinium were there will be
peace."Ryuu looked up at them."We weill call this little project
GU[Guilty Universe]and as for our team...hmmm...Well call
ourselves...RAVEN."He said with a smile.They all nodded and the guide
walked over to him."And you our guild master."He said and before ryuu
knew it he was back the ruins and the shrine.With his weapon on his

The Mizukage Arc
Through his many travels ryuu
found himself in the Mist village.He was reveared as a saint to
them,someone who could make a change for them,He was asked to fill in
as mizukage for them,Until they found someone else.Though when times of
war broke out,he was their fearless leader,he and RAVEN lead the mist
into battle,they fought off their enemies and destroyed those who dare
to come against them.Ravens main base was set up in the heart of the
mist village.They had a giant chamber devoted to info,called the
serpent of lore.Where anything and everything could be pulled up.It was
gold mind of info.

Rp Sample:Ryuuga could since her struggle,yet he knew not what to do at a time
like this.He knew he had to help her he could feel himself become in
more danger.He could also feel something in him swell up.Like a
creeping power that he had never seen before.He then felt his power in
crease.He then stepped into her mind to have a little chat with her
dark side.His body shrouded in light,also covered in tribal marking
that glowed a blood red.Even she must know who he is,you fear the
reaper,you don't envite him to a party in other words.Ryuuga shed the
light on where her dark side decided she would hide."Come on out you snake!I know your hiding in here."He
then began to imit light chakra,which is an advanced fire skill.Only to
belong to the sage of heaven.Behind ryuu there stood a menacing looking
doll,yet he was very real."Tonight my friend you dance with the devil."He
said as he refered to ryuuga,ryuuga had gained the power of heaven and
hell.Just by destroying the barriers that the two had placed around
him,he could control the light chakra,and the grim reaper.Skeith the
terror of death,this was actually something never heard off.
Skeith and ryuuga began to speak in inucince this time,the two had become one.
am just the first phase of morgana,yet the most fierce i control the
power of the twilight dragon,and that of the serpent of the depths of
the sea.Some may call me the alpha,maybe even the omega.Though i am
neither,im just a little child of morgana,nothing but a seed of
something bigger,and you hinder my growth i will say this but once.If
you hinder my progress i will hinder your igsistance you wretch.I am
ryuuga misaki Uchiha,Sage of heaven and The Terror of Death!"He
said for the final time before he exited the back of her mind.He began
to caress kurais thigh slightly.Sucking on her tongue a bit.He felt
like he had just gained an anormous amount of power out of no
where.Something that could rival that of the legendary sannin.Was it
sennin chakra?That was something he didn't know.Also something he
didn't even care about at the moment.All he cared about was his
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